How to Get Local Ads for free ?

2012-07-13 14.12.51To the first 100 local customers goes an ethical bribe.
Put your name and email address in the box to the right and sign up.
I’ll put your ad in the sidebar on this website!
I’m driving local traffic to this site so people in your local area will see it.

Why am I being so generous and giving you FREE AD SPACE?

I want to help my customers put their message in front of more of their customers.
I know you’re a busy person and don’t have time for a lot of chit chat so that’s the reason for the bribe.

Once you’ve signed up I’ll send you an email so I can get your permission to start building your free ad.

Here’s what I’m looking for in exchange.

When you have a little time I’d like you to give me a call.
I’ll give you my phone number in an email.
Give me twenty minutes to tell you how I can help you  build a five star reputation that populates the internet with your excellent reviews. Let me introduce you to reputation marketing. Marketing that works to build your reputation and your bank balance.

If you are a specialist in…
a chiropractor
computer-repair specialist
if you do cosmetic-surgery
if you are carpet-cleaner
run a hair-salon
if you are a handyman
have a home-security business
do heating and air conditioning
or do laser-eye-surgery
if you are a locksmith
a plumber
a painter
if you specialise in pest-control
or you are a skin-care specialist

………and you provide excellent products and services in York Region then I want to make you famous. I want to help you build a five star reputation starting right here.

It all starts with a thumbnail sketch of you we build into a three dimensional profile that will have your competition wishing they were you. Professional writers will create your profile. Professional marketers will build your press releases and have them picked up by the news services. Automated syndication will have your success story all over the internet.

I want to meet you. I want to help write the story of your success.

In the mean time I want you to be my VIP.

Put your name and email address in the form above and to the right and I wont just tell you what I can do for you, I’ll show you!

I’ll make you famous!

I’m Bob Polan. My business is helping you build yours.

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