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This site in no way reflects the size of company or the quality of product it puts out.

The problem as I see it is making the transition from your old system of inventory management to a new and modern system on the fly.

The solution is simple. Brake out one of the product lines and publish it on a new site that allows you to manage the inventory in and out and track it in real time. Work out any bugs and then replicate the system for additional product lines.

System segmentation allows for

It should work much like a car dealers website. In fact the basic architecture would work well for your application. It would display the units available along with a description in the customer view and allow for easy access to a back office where inventory is managed in real time by your staff.

Different levels of access are available for different levels of management inherent in the design.

There is no need to build an entirely custom site or to shut anything down while content is being up loaded. Once the inventory was loaded the disposition of each unit could be established and the system taken online.

Order forms that integrate with inventory management and invoicing could be phased in over time.

Once the inventory has been published online marketing strategies and tactics can be established to further promote sales. Your sales people both inside and out can pull up inventory on their cel phones to show customers and book equipment on the fly.